TiDingDong System

"One platform, multiple users" center for comprehensive elevator management

TiDingDong System

One platform, multiple user centers

TiDingDong system--Elevator comprehensive treatment "One Platform, Multiple Users" Center

TiDingDong APP

Check elevator status anytime, anywhere

TiDingDong APP

Regulatory Obility

- Avoid the omission of important emergency information; control the elevators anytime and anywhere.
- Relevant persons in charge can supervise their elevators via APP mobile, and can view the status of the elevators being supervised anytime and anywhere, and solve the missing emergency call information, elevator warning information and other important information due to special reasons.

Remote Monitoring

Elevator life cycle management platform

Remote monitoring

Visual SAAS cloud platform

- An elevator that integrates elevator abnormal alarm, elevator all data management, government supervision unit elevator management, enterprise elevator management, maintenance elevator management, maintenance personnel ordering, maintenance standards, maintenance information management, and elevator management call for help. Full life cycle management platform.

Network Rescue

No intrusion into the elevator system, external sensors realize real-time monitoring of elevator information

Network Rescue

Elevator data real-time monitoring and early warning system

- The elevator is monitored in real time through sensors installed at each operation node of the elevator. The information collected by the sensors is analyzed and processed in real time through edge computing technology. When the processed data is different from the normal movie operation data, the lower machine position will pass 4G/5G/ The limited network is transmitted to the cloud server to realize elevator failure prediction.
- The cloud server analyzes the fault data through AI technology. After the analysis, the fault is classified by AI, and the elevator abnormal information is pushed to the property or maintenance personnel to realize the early warning of elevator failure.
- The property or maintenance personnel shall handle the abnormality after receiving the fault warning, and report the processing process informatized to meet the informatized maintenance and realize the prevention of elevator failure.

Online Maintenance

Optimize the work process and open up a new mode of paperless service

Online Maintenance

Informatization order management of maintenance personnel

- Through electronic maintenance work orders, maintenance information can be transmitted and shared among various functional personnel, so that every work can be traced, and the maintenance work is electronic, process, and intelligent, which greatly improves maintenance. Ensure work efficiency, while facilitating the management and supervision of maintenance work.

Dynamic Detection

Realize the prevention of elevator failure

Dynamic Detection

Cloud platform data architecture

- The system monitors the elevator in real time through sensors installed at each operating node of the elevator, and the lower computer processes the data of each elevator node through edge computing technology, and the processing process will be completed at the local edge computing layer.
- The data reported by the lower computer to the cloud will use AI technology to realize the failure prediction and early warning of the elevator status. The cloud platform classifies the early warning data and pushes it to each application for processing, so as to prevent elevator failures.

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